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Enjoy the sights and flavors of old Mexico at Historic Market Square, a favorite of locals and tourists for generations. Explore over 100 locally owned shops and stalls, all at a festive indoor mall famously described as the largest Mexican market outside Mexico. Find authentic Talavera pottery, exotic curios and handcrafted works of art. Stay for the gourmet Mexican cuisine, or kick back at the Farmers Market Food Court and enjoy the show on the stage.

After the Goliad Massacre, as it was later called, battles would hear the cry of “Remember the Alamo” and “Remember Goliad”. While the defenders of the Alamo died in battle, Fannin and his men were massacred after surrendering and being given reassurances they would be treated as prisoners of war.

Today Goliad is a town centered around ranching and farming, with a population of around 2,000. The County Courthouse sits on the town square where market days are held once a month and you can stop by and look at the Hanging Tree. For twenty-four years, court was held under this large oak tree and sentences were carried out on the spot. Estimates are the hangings numbered in the low hundreds.

You won’t get hung in Goliad today but you can step back into history and learn about Spanish colonial Texas and Texas Independence.

Goliad is located at the intersection of Hwy 59 and Hwy 183, 154 miles southwest of Houston and 91 miles southeast of San Antonio.