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Professional Driver and Tour Guide

Tanya knows where the good BBQ is.  As a professional cook she knows good food.  My favorite is the County Line.  There are so many places to eat in Austin that it may be hard to choose.  Let Tanya guide you to a fabulous restaurant for a treat during your tour.  Some of the tour packages include a meal with a choice of great Barbecue hot spots (alcohol not included).

Tanya Van Meter

Tanya has been showing Austin and surrounding cities to folks for over 20+ years.  Her knowledge of historic sites is amazing.  The hill country is a passion of hers.  Tanya has an amazing knack for bringing the city to life.  Yes, she knows weird - the motto is "Keep Austin Weird" and Tanya can take you to the hot spots that make Austin a true adventure.  The wonderful swimming holes, the lakes and winery's.  From the spooky stories of historic landmarks like the Driskill Hotel right off 6th street.  Careful of that elevator, you may end up on a floor that you didn't even ask for, eventually ending up where you wanted or maybe not.

Her knowledge of the surrounding cities is just wonderful, she knows right where to take you for an amazing tour.  Requests are always welcome as it's your tour and you can plan it out the way you want or pick from one of our set tours.

Colonel Jesse Driskill built the now historic Driskill hotel in 1886. From the outside the famous hotel is an amazing piece of architecture that has seen thousands of people through its doors in its over 100 year history. Some of the people that stayed at the hotel have not left, according to reports. There are those that state Driskill himself, roams the hallways of his hotel. Sometimes employees and guests can smell the scent of his favorite cigars. One of the creepiest rooms in the hotel is room 525. According to reports, two different brides committed suicide in the room. Twenty years passed between the two deaths. The presence of the women is often felt in the unhappy room. A little girl also haunts the stairs and other common areas of the hotel. She is often spotted holding flowers. Feeling as though someone has brushed up against you is another common occurrence at the Driskill. It undoubtedly has become known as one of the most haunted places in Austin.

Ask for a SPOOK tour.  There are many scary places around Austin to get your blood pumping.


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